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Automotive parts and service professionals depend on Vision-OE starters, alternators and power steering products for the best all-makes, all-models coverage in the industry, enhanced profit opportunities, and an OE-engineered remanufacturing process with functional testing that reduces warranty claims.

“OE Quality, Aftermarket Price” is more than just our motto, it's a promise we make to our aftermarket customers.  As suppliers of starters, alternators and power steering products to the major automakers, you are assured of OE quality.  It's what we do!

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Vision-OE was once known as Visteon Aftermarket, a Tier One provider of products to the largest auto makers in the world.  Today we not only supply automotive products to these same customers, our engineers also apply their OE experience and quality standards to our full line of remanufactured products.


All components are fully tested for performance, and our power steering units are magnaflux tested to ensure there are no cracks in the racks and valve bodies. Stringent in-process contamination audits are performed to ensure product performance and all units are individually serial numbered, recorded and archived.

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